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UnionSPACE App provide members with a universal experience in interacting with US community & workspaces.



Download & Install UnionSPACE App on your iOS or Android device.


Members can enjoy the following with the app

Our app makes it easy

  • Key Feature #1

    Pre Book meeting room facilities or book it adhoc by scanning codes in US workspace.

  • Key Feature #2

    Book flexible work desk / co working by scanning codes in US workspace.

  • Key Feature #3

    Interact with US entreprenuers community across US asia network.

  • Key Feature #4

    Business opportunity match up between you and US entreprenuers community.

  • Key Feature #5

    Organise or RSVP Events

  • Key Feature #6

    Scan codes to purchase premium food and beverages in US workspace.

  • Key Feature #7

    Check the logs for your business phone calls.

  • Key Feature #8

    Get notified on special community events.

... and many more!

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